Introduction of the Autospeed software
mercredi 13 juillet 2005,  par Lheureux Philippe

Autospeed is a new concept of unifilar drawing under Autocad

A software, one moreover but this one does revolutionnize all the principle of inputs under Autocad.

Forget the icons and drop down menus because it all occurs by instantaneous jumps between your drawing zone and your legend zone.

Why use Autospeed !

Autospeed makes it possible to the draughtsmen to adapt instantaneously to any graphic chart because its menu is integrated into the drawing and not into the AutoCAD software. A simple click on an entity recovers all the properties of this entity and launches the order at the origin of its creation. You thus obtain a perfect copy of the order having allowed to trace this entity. This function is coupled with the Vue command of AutoCAD and allows the draughtsmen to get blocks or commands in the legend and to return instantaneously to the drawing zone . The legend becomes the menu. Modify it and you adapt it instantaneously without worrying about layers and the properties of the entities used.

Autospeed also contains powerful utilities for blocks management which allows you : To change a block by another. To add a block according to an insertion point of another block. To vary the scale of several blocks at the same time while preserving their insertion points. To rotate several blocks.

Autospeed makes it possible to move very easily in an XY grid, combines the principle of the jumps in the views with automatic return to the copy command and carries out precise and instantaneous measurements in all your unifilar drawings.

The simplicity of the commands allows a fast adaptation even by an unexperienced draughtsmen.

The work stations do not have need for an installation modifying the menus or the icons of Autocad since your menu is your drawing. The installation of Autospeed on any work station takes 20 seconds and will boost your productivity an avoid many errors in the graphic chart.

Its ease of use and the richness of its functions makes of it an essential tool for all those who works with unifilar (Technical drawings and diagrams of plumbing, fire protection, medical fluids, electrical, land and survey, Air conditionning etc.)

Autospeed improves considerably the input and remains compatible with all the other software for AutoCAD.


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